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Basic Guide for Communication in Catalan Sign Language


We are very pleased to present this basic guide for communication made possible thanks to the support of the Board of Trustees of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. This guide is a self-learning resource meant for the UAB community, but also for anyone interested in sign languages and in Catalan sign language specifically.

In the first units, we will concentrate on the subject of deafness, sign languages and the social and identity implications they have for users. In the next units we will slowly start learning Catalan sign language in order to establish basic communication with people who use it.

We are well aware of the restrictions of self-learning resources and this is why we have decided to be pragmatic and focus on the basic aspects of Catalan sign language. However, we hope this guide will be a gate to this minority language in Catalonia and that it will encourage you to continue studying it in order to get to know these other Catalans who live side by side with us.

The guide production team.

UAB - Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona UABCEI - Campus D'Excel-Lncia Internacional

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