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Basic Guide for Communication in Catalan Sign Language

4.3. The Family

In this part of the unit we will first see two signs, woman and man, which from now on will also help us express gender in sign language.

Woman Man

In sign language, gender is not used to create grammatical concordances, as happens in Catalan or Spanish (Un llibre verd / Una taula verda). It is only used to distinguish between women and men.

Professor-female Professor-male

There are other ways of distinguishing genders, for example with lexical opposites.

Mother Father

Generally, if the gender is not specified then we are talking about the male gender. Therefore, the feminine gender will always be the one marked. Here we will mark both options to become familiar with the two.

Let’s practice LSC signs for family members with the help of these videos.

UAB - Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona UABCEI - Campus D'Excel-Lncia Internacional

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