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Basic Guide for Communication in Catalan Sign Language

5.4. Negative Phrases in LSC

The process of negation consists of rejecting an affirmation. Negative sentences in LSC are marked with a particle which can produce changes in the expression. The order is generally the same as in affirmative sentences, with a negation at the end.

As seen in the previous examples, negation is expressed basically with the sign NO. This sign must be accompanied by a non-manual marker, which consists of moving the head from side to side. The non-manual marker must be present in all negations. In fact, in LSC, shaking your head to say ‘no’ can be done without the need of expressing the manual sign for NO. Let’s look at the next example:


In regards to negation we must also mention that some verbs incorporate it into the sign. This use is obligatory and therefore the negation particle disappears. However, since it is a negation, the verb is signed at the end. Let’s see some of these verbs in both their affirmative and negative forms.

Do not forget that the next verb, in its negative form (HAVER-HI-NO), is expressed with the non-manual marker of the mouth shaping an ‘ap’. Let’s look at the video and practice.


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