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Basic Guide for Communication in Catalan Sign Language


Learning sign language is not complicated, it just may seem so. We must first of all want to learn it and the rest is a matter of practice. The starting point is the same as when learning any other language, the only difference being that the channel of transmission is visual and this changes the method of learning.

The best way to memorise signs is to look at them again and again, and if you are motivated and have the time, to study them even further. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you repeat the signs as much as you can and then begin to do the same with phrases. It is all a matter of taking it easy and enjoying the fact of discovering that our body is capable of communicating any concept, idea or feeling without making a sound.

The units are designed so that they can be done in approximately an hour, but it is important to relax and spend as much time as you need on each of them. The first units are a bit denser and you will need to go through the contents, understand them and assimilate them. You can complement the information with the links included in each unit after the self-assessment section, which will help you check how much you’ve learned. The last units are more practical and therefore it is recommended that you repeat what you see in the videos several times. You will see that sometimes the phrases corresponding to the videos have been transcribed. These transcriptions are intended to make it easier for you to remember the order of signs in the phrase, but it is only a way of facilitating the learning process.

We can only encourage you to meet and get to know deaf people, and to practice what you have learned. With enthusiasm and perseverance you will see that the goal is none other than to discover the wonder of communicating in sign language.

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